Marilyn Night Club and Table Dance Bar

Marilyn Strip Club and Table Dance Bar is located in a quiet street in the centre of Budapest. The eternal classic of night clubs, the table dance performance is also their most popular show, where pretty dancing girls please their guests with wild erotic table dances.  Every night, the sensual and sexy pole dancers dazzle their guests with a fantastically glamorous erotic dance. This genre, which requires extreme flexibility, is a wonderful spectacle for all men. Choose and have fun tonight at Marilyn’s Bar and you are sure to have an everlasting experience with the girls, you and your friends! 

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Opening hours:

Opening hours vary! In all cases, please contact your Car for you driver in person or call our non-stop dispatch service : + 36 20 9553710 ! They will have up-to-date informations about the opening hours of our bar too!


This is a Gentlemen’s Club, not a Sex Club! The programs offered by the bar are all sex-free services, the focus is solely on entertainment!


Contact: + 36 20 9553710

Call the number indicated above and we will send a car for you.

Budapest area: 19€ / car

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(Marilyn Night Club and Table Dance Bar)

The car for you will arrive at the address provided within 15 minutes of placing your order!

It is very important to know that the bars can only provide the specified discount conditions to those guests who use the car for you service when traveling, ie they arrive at the chosen nightclub with the Car for you service car!

About us:

Peter Peros:

I would give the place ten out of ten! Clean, fair service and average prices. The dancing girls are beautiful and nice. I will definitely come back here again.

Kovács János:

I go to Marilyn’s often, you could say I’m a regular. It’s my favourite place because the girls here are the prettiest.

Simon Stangl:

I found Marilyn Club on Strip The driver of the car for you brought me straight here. When I asked how the place was, he said, “I’m sure you’ll love it!” He was right, it was a good choice and I really liked the place.

John White:

Here I am always welcomed as if I had come home. I just love this place.

Marco Edelman:

The Car for you service took us from the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus to here in five minutes. The girls are beautiful, the music is youthful and there is a huge selection of drinks. I don’t regret choosing the Marilyn bar.