Mambó Cafe strip bar

Mambo Cafe Strip Bar is located near the top of Gellért Hill, on the road to the Citadel. It offers an unparalleled panorama of the Buda Castle or the Parliament, but those who enter the Mambo club will enjoy an even better view. Beautiful dancing girls perform captivating erotic dances on two stages continuously throughout the evening. The ideal venue for a fantastic bachelor party. Live performances, a lesbian show, candle, whipped cream and pearl shows follow each other on stage. Choose Mambo Cafe strip bar and you won’t be disappointed, you will have an unforgettable experience.

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Opening hours:

Opening hours vary! In all cases, please contact your Car for you driver in person or call our non-stop dispatch service : + 36 20 9553710 ! They will have up-to-date informations about the opening hours of our bar too!


This is a Gentlemen’s Club, not a Sex Club! The programs offered by the bar are all sex-free services, the focus is solely on entertainment!

Contact: + 36 20 9553710

Call the number indicated above and we will send a car for you.

Budapest area: 19€ / car

Be very careful and always wait for the cars sent to you!

I chose this club!

(Mambó Cafe strip bar)

The car for you will arrive at the address provided within 15 minutes of placing your order!

It is very important to know that the bars can only provide the specified discount conditions to those guests who use the car for you service when traveling, ie they arrive at the chosen nightclub with the Car for you service car!

About us:

Juan Rodriguez:

Thank you for having us here! It’s a very decent place, a rarity these days. No sex service, but all the other shows are very decent! We will be back.

Balog Kálmán:

The girls are very nice and the shows are great, but there is no sex service in the Mambo Club! It is definitely worth coming here for a drink and a look around.

Jack Fairgrieve:

The Car for You service took me to the bar in 5 minutes from the Intercontinental Hotel The entrance is really free so. Very friendly and fair place, moderate prices and impeccable service.

Kiss Róbert:

I found Mambo strip club on Strip It is a super cool place, I decided to have my bachelor party here.

Gáspár Ignác:

I’ve been here many times, it already feels like going home! I love the Mambo Club!