Dolls Gentleman’s Club

Dolls Gentleman’s Club, formerly known as Dolche Vita strip club, is located in Budapest, very close to the capital’s centre. In its heyday, it was arguably the best and most sophisticated table dance bar in Budapest. It is now a medium sized bar with an area of around 120 sqm, which can comfortably serve up to 30 guests. There are 6-8 hostess-dancers working in the club, most of whom speak foreign languages at a conversational level.

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Opening hours:

Opening hours vary! In all cases, please contact your Car for you driver in person or call our non-stop dispatch service : + 36 20 9553710 ! They will have up-to-date informations about the opening hours of our bar too!


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Kapcsolat: + 36 20 9553710
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(Dolls Gentleman’s Club)

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About us:

Caio Benício: 

Very classy place. I spent one night there, with friends. Our driver booked us a table, everything went really well. The bartender girls were really nice, we had a lot of chats with them too.

Aravind Bandaram:

The girls are gorgeous, kind and their friendly attitude is easily captivating. Friendly environment, professional hospitality.

Saleem Md: 

Beautiful girls, nice service, good atmosphere. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Abdul Nasil:

 The perfect choice for a bachelor party or a gathering of friends. Friendly, very fair staff in a discreet setting.

Tóth Aladár:

Thank you for the evening, the staff were nice. The service was good but the girls are definitely the best here. We will definitely return here.