Divina Gentlemen’s Club

The Divina Gentlemen’s Club is located on the edge of the party district, next to the most popular ruin bars. Always a fun atmosphere, very nice girls and polite service and long opening hours.  If you choose this bar for your night out, you should be aware that the “minimum obligatory drink consumption” here is 20,000 HUF, which includes the price of the entrance ticket. Those who meet the payment conditions will have a great time. Unforgettable memories will be made by the beautiful dancing girls working here!

The club can be found by writing the followings in the search box on the internet: Night club in Budapest, Strip Club in Budapest, Sex Club in Budapest, Strip bar, Table dance bar, Gentlemen's Club.

Opening hours:

Opening hours vary! In all cases, please contact your Car for you driver in person or call our non-stop dispatch service : + 36 20 9553710 ! They will have up-to-date informations about the opening hours of our bar too!

What do we offer?

Full strip, private rooms, erotic massage, private lesbian show, Non-stop top-less dancing, table dancing, Dominatrix Show, Lesbian Show, Pole Dance Show, Surprise sex show.


Contact: + 36 20 9553710

Call the number indicated above and we will send a car for you, free of charge in Budapest!


 Be very careful and always wait for the cars that are sent to you! Other taxi or rickshaw drivers may charge you huge fares for the journey and in many cases try to take you to other bars where you may be in for a big scam!

I chose this club!

(Divina Gentlemen’s Club)

The car for you will arrive at the address provided within 15 minutes of placing your order!

It is very important to know that the bars can only provide the specified discount conditions to those guests who use the car for you service when traveling, ie they arrive at the chosen nightclub with the Car for you service car!

About us:

Tillman Jenő:

A lovely place with stunningly beautiful girls and friendly staff. The best place on the Buda side. I had a great time,will go again.

Ruth Bakale:

Excellent nightlife. I can only recommend it to everyone !

Reddy Alan:

Wow! what a brilliant experience, I definitely recommend Divina Gentlemen’s Bar!

David William:

I visited this place a week ago. I love it and will be back soon!

Dániel Tyukodi:

Very good location in the city centre. Good prices and nice girls !